Jewelry Care

Jewelry Cleaning

Most diamond and color stone jewelry can be cleaned at home by simply using soap with warm water. Apply the soapy water to your piece with a soft toothbrush. If your jewelry contains color stones with low durability, exchange scrubbing with a toothbrush with gentle rubbing of soapy water with your fingers.

Jewelry Maintenance

Try to avoid contact with hard surfaces when wearing jewelry. With earrings and necklaces/pendants, it is less of a concern. Rings and bracelets, however, are more exposed to scratching since they are worn on your hands and wrists.

Minimize exposure to perfume, hair spray and other similar substances with chemicals and avoid wearing fine jewelry in a pool. It can be damaging to the metal as well as some colored stones.     

Place your jewelry in the box or pouch that it came with when not wearing it. This will protect it from scratching or gathering dust. Pouches are great for when traveling with jewelry. 

Take extra care of the Paperclip Dangling Diamond Earrings. The links are extremely delicate and prone to tangle so we highly recommend storing them in the jewelry box that they came when not wearing them.  

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