Finding Your Fit

A quick and easy way to measure your ring size is taking an existing ring of yours and compare it against the chart below. Simply print the chart below and place the ring over each size until you find your fit. You will find the right fit when the inside of the ring perfectly aligns with the black.

Ring Size Measurements

If you don't have a ring handy to reference, another way to measure your finger so is with string. Take a piece of string and wrap it around the base of your finger one time. Mark the spot where the string meets. Measure the distance from there to the tip of the string with a ruler in millimeters and compare it against the chart above. You can also use a piece of paper.      

If you want a more definitive method of determining your ring size, we would suggest purchasing the metal ring sizer gauge below. It features sizes 2-10, including half sizes so you can use this to check his and hers ring sizes. It will also come in handy when you’re pursuing pinky rings or pieces that you’re planning on wearing other than your ring finger! 


You can get the ring sizer for free when you make a purchase of $350 or more. Use Code RSZR at checkout to get the ring sizer added to your cart for free.